Examination Courses

Cambridge Examinations and IELTS

  • 30 lessons per week
  • 20 lessons General English
  • 10 lessons Specialised Examination Training
  • 1 lesson is 45 minutes tuition
  • 5 hours supervised self access study in our Self Access Centre

These intensive courses are for

  • Cambridge Preliminary (PET)
  • Cambridge First Certificate (FCE)
  • Cambridge Advanced (CAE)
  • Cambridge Proficiency (CPE)


Before courses begin, students are tested to make sure that they are enrolling for the appropriate exam. All students are interviewed on arrival and given advice about their prospects. There are regular progress tests, individual tutorials, and a full set of mock exams.

Other examinations are offered as specialised courses of One to One tuition with a personal tutor. Please refer to our dates and fees or contact us.