Adult/Teenager Teacher Training

  • 30 lessons per week
  • 20 lessons English for Teachers plus 10 lessons Advanced General English per week
  • One lesson is 45 minutes tuition
  • Course length: 2 weeks
  • Level: Upper Intermediate-Advanced
  • Maximum class size: 12


This course is designed for teachers of English who wish to learn about new techniques, classroom activities and materials. It also provides an opportunity for teachers to enrich their knowledge of English through direct contact with the language and culture of Britain, and for interaction with fellow teachers from other countries.

Below is a selection of some of our most popular workshops. However, we aim to tailor the course to suit the needs and interests of each group, the details of which are obtained from participants completing our pre-course questionnaire.

  • Approaches to teaching grammar
  • Activities for Teaching tenses: problems and solutions
  • Vocabulary: ideas for presenting and aiding memorisation of new vocabulary
  • Speaking – motivating students for fluency
  • Error correction: what matters, what doesn’t and how we¬†can learn from it
  • Using graded readers: creating multi-skilled lessons
  • Creative writing and speaking
  • Listening: micro-skills- not just pressing ‘play’
  • Teaching phonology: saying it like it is
  • Writing skills: focussing on the process as well as the product
  • Exploiting songs
  • Film: practical ideas for using films clips in lessons
  • Using drama in the classroom: bringing English to life
  • Lessons using the web – practical teaching ideas using specific websites
  • Blogs and podcasts: innovative skills ideas using the Internet
  • The interactive whiteboard: developing materials for the 21st century

Course Trainers

The course trainers are well-qualified, having a wide experience of teaching English as a foreign language and teacher training both in the UK and overseas. Also, our staff are regularly involved in piloting and reviewing teaching materials as the school has strong links with publishers and authors.

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