Medical English

Course CM

  • 30 lessons per week of Medical English in a mixed- nationality group
  • 1 lesson is 45 minutes tuition
  • Maximum class size: 12
  • Course length: 2 weeks
  • Level: Intermediate-Advanced


These courses are for doctors, medical students in the clinical phase of their studies and other medical professionals who need to use English in their work.

The courses cover medical terminology, practice in specialist vocabulary and a review of basic grammatical structures.

Students will also learn how to communicate with patients and medical colleagues, how to speak at seminars and medical meetings and how to read and write medical papers. Topic work includes an overview of the British National Health Service(NHS).

This programme includes material drawn from a range of specialist course books and resource books, as well as up-to-date authentic materials. Students receive a medical vocabulary book free of charge.

These courses include the use of multi-media, such as medical phone-line, on-line diagnosis sessions, CD-ROM case studies and presentations.

Specialist advice and classes are available for those seeking work in the UK.

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